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Effectiveness of Warm Foot Bath on Fatigue and Quality of Sleep During Hemodialysis

2014-11-07 05:33

Effectiveness of Warm Foot Bath on Fatigue and Quality of Sleep During HemodialysisThe effectiveness of warm foot bath on fatigue and quality of sleep during hemodialysis has long been recognized. Follow me to learn more about this therapy.

● Effects of warm foot bath

A warm bath can stimulate the channels where energy circulates. By immersing your feet into the warm water for 10-30 minutes, the blood circulation can be improved. Indications for use are foot and leg cramps, nausea, insomnia, and chest or pelvic congestion during hemodialysis.

● Innovation of foot bath

We combine warm foot bath with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Chinese herbs can stimulate the medians where energy passes and acupoints distribute. This is to smooth the blood stream so that the whole blood circulation can be improved. Therefore, excessive fluid and wastes can be discharged by the kidneys.

● Hot Foot Bath Procedure

-Before foot bath, you’d better wrap you with a blanket to avoid chilling.

-Using a large dishpan or the bathtub, immerse both feet and ankles in warm water

-Keep adding hot water until it is as hot as can be tolerated

-Place a cool washcloth on the forehead (keep the washcloth cool during entire treatment by wringing it out in cool water)

-Keep feet in the water for 10–30 minutes, depending on tolerance

-As the water cools, add more hot water to maintain the hot temperature. -After removing the feet from the water, rinse them with cool water and dry them thoroughly.

How do we apply medicated Foot Bath

Foot Bath in our hospital is a supportive treatment. It is always combined with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which is an external application on Shenshu area. This therapy is also based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. By dilating blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extracellular matrix, this therapy can improve blood circulation and enhance the kidney’s self-repairing ability. As long as the kidneys can function adequately, you can reduce the frequency of hemodialysis.

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