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Kidney Dialysis and Dry Weight

2014-09-17 03:07

Kidney Dialysis and Dry WeightDry weight in hemodialysis for Kidney Failure patients is an important factor that the doctor should be considered. What does it mean? What do you need to do to keep a right dry weight? To know these can help you stay healthier.

What is dry weight?

Dry weight means your normal weight without water retention and under no dehydration. It is similar to the body weight when the patient has normal kidney function after urination.

What does elevated or reduced body weight indicate?

Elevated body weight means the dialysis is deficient, so excessive fluid builds up in the body, causing a high weight.

In some cases, the patients will have a lowest body weight when too much fluid is discharged during dialysis treatment. Under this condition, patients may also experience low blood pressure, muscle cramps, dizziness, headache, nausea, etc.

How is dry weight is determined?

In most cases, dry weight is an estimate determined by your doctor, based on his or her experience and your input. Your doctor will prescribe your dry weight based on your weight when you have:

● Normal blood pressure

● The absence of edema or swelling

● Neck veins that are not distended

● The absence of lung sounds (rales and crackles) related to fluid overload

● No shortness of breath or congestive heart failure

● A normal size heart shadow on X-ray

What you can do to reach dry weight after dialysis?

● Follow a kidney-friendly diet

You should avoid salty foods like canned and processed foods, pickles, sausages, some seasonings (ketchup, salad, soy sauce). Meanwhile, do not drink more fluids than recommended quantity.

● Keep tract of your daily body weight

Your doctor will help you to design a healthy diet and records your body weight.

Dialysis is not easy, and I know what patients may experience. Therefore, I would like to help you reduce the frequency of dialysis. If you need free help, please do not hesitate to contact me online.

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