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When Do Patients Require Hemodialysis

2014-04-02 09:56

When Do Patients Require HemodialysisFor people with kidney disease, they are no strangers to hemodialysis. However, when do patients require hemodialysis?

1. Acute kidney failure

It is acknowledged that early hemodialysis can help reduce many life-threatening complications like infection, hemorrhage, multiple organ failure, coma, etc and improve the prognosis of patients effectively. At the following conditions, hemodialysis can be adopted:

Obvious fluid-sodium retention, heart failure, acute pulmonary edema;

Hyperkalemia, the potassium level is above 6.0mmol/L;

Anuria for more than 2 days or oliguria for more than 2 days;

Severe trauma or infections;


Oliguria for 2 days accompanied with any of the following items:

Conjunctival edema, pleural effusion and so on; persistent vomiting, drowsiness and other uremic symptoms; serum creatinine>442umol/L; serum potassium>5.5mmol/L.

2. Chronic kidney failure

The endogenous creatinine clearance rate is 10-15ml/min, as for people with diabetes, the reference rate can be 15ml/min;

Fluid-sodium retention, heart failure or uremia pericarditis;

Uncontrolled high blood pressure or hyperphosphatemia and soft-tissue calcification.

3. Acute drug poisoning

Generally speaking, some water-soluble high, low protein binding rate toxins can be eliminated by hemodialysis. When it comes to the following conditions, emergency hemodialysis should be taken:

After conventional methods, if the condition continue to get worse, such as, coma, slow response, apnea, refractory low blood pressure, etc, hemodialysis will be adopted;

High levels of toxins within the blood, which reaches up to the lethal dose or lethal concentration;

Damage to the excretory organs.

4. Others

Refractory congestive heart failure, acute pulmonary edema, hepatorenal syndrome, nephrotic syndrome, ascites reinfusion; hyperkalemia, hypercalcemia, hypernatremia; hyponatremia, hypocalcemia; hepatic encephalopathy, hyper-bilirubinemia, hyperuricemia and so on.

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