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Shoulder Pain and Hemodialysis

2014-05-23 03:02

Shoulder Pain and HemodialysisYou are undergoing hemodialysis? You are suffering from annoying shoulder pain? If yes, you must want to find out why you have this symptom and how to deal with it.

Hemodialysis is one kidney replacement therapy that can help do some kidney works. They are filtering out waste products, regulating blood pressure, easing water retention, and so on. However, hemodialysis is unable to be as effective as kidneys, so it may cause various symptoms and problems during or after dialysis.

How does hemodialysis cause shoulder pain? The first cause is amyloidosis. Beta 2-microglobulin (beta-2m) amyloidosis is one condition that is more likely to affect patients undergoing hemodialysis for long term. The deposition of beta-2m is associated closely with chronic arthralgias and arthropathy. Shoulder pain is usually the first sign of these problems.

The second cause is local ischemia. When kidneys are unable to secrete EPO normally, the body can’t produce enough red blood cells. Then, less blood and oxygen is transported into tissues as well as shoulder. This leads shoulder pain to come and go.

How to alleviate shoulder pain for hemodialysis patients? Since beta-2m amyloidosis and low kidney function are the reasons, treatments should begin from these two factors. In view of this, we would like to recommend Blood Pollution Therapy.

How does Blood Pollution Therapy work? This therapy focuses on cleansing blood before repairing damaged kidney cells. With the help of various blood purification methods and medicines which have the effect of nourishing blood, this therapy is able to eliminate waste products and toxins, both in the blood vessels and adhering to vascular walls, from the body. Then, the deposits of beta-2m can be solved. Then, some herbal medicines that can increase the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells are taken. The damaged but not necrotic kidney cells can get recovery gradually. Once kidney function level increases, ischemia can be eased.

To learn which herbal medicines are helpful for you, you should tell us more about your condition. Leave your creatinine, GFR, urination changes and dialysis complications in the below form, so we can help you develop a specific treatment plan for free.

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