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How to Ease Skin Itching for Hemodialysis Patients

2014-04-15 06:10

How to Ease Skin Itching for Hemodialysis PatientsSkin itching isn’t uncommon for kidney patients on hemodialysis that can affect patients’ life quality and sleep quality largely. In order to have a good sleep, it is necessary to ease patients’ itching immediately. What treatments or remedies are helpful?

First, get an overview of hemodialysis.

Hemodialysis is recommended when kidneys can’t do their work by themselves. However, different from healthy kidneys, hemodialysis mainly filters out small molecular waste products and toxins such as fluid, creatinine, uric acid, urea, etc. As for moderate or large molecular wastes, hemodialysis can do little.

Second, find out why hemodialysis causes skin itching.

In clinic, skin itching usually has a close link with deposits of phosphorus in the blood. Sufficient hemodialysis, as one kidney replacement therapy, can help remove extra phosphorus from the body. If hemodialysis treatment is unsufficient, phosphorus deposits can become one reason of skin itching.

Besides high phosphorus level, build up of large molecular toxins is another cause of skin itching. However, hemodialysis is unable to eliminate these toxins out of the body. Therefore, high phosphorus level and deposits of large molecular toxins are two causes of itching for hemodialysis patients.

Third, learn how to ease skin itching for hemodialysis patients effectively.

If you are experiencing severe skin itching all the times or at some times, you can consider some alternative treatments to hemodialysis. Here, we would like to recommend hemoperfusion.

Compared with hemodialysis, hemoperfusion has a great superiority on filtering out large molecular toxins. Therefore, it can help alleviate refractory skin itching effectively. Besides, some treatments that can help repair damaged but not necrotic kidney cells are also needed to help patients get rid of hemodialysis radically.

At last, modify your diet plan timely.

A healthy diet plan with low phosphorus is also helpful to ease skin itching. Animal giblets, chocolate, coca cola, seafood, etc, all contain rich phosphorus, so patients should limit their intake of these foods.

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