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Information About Glomerulosclerosis Treatment

2014-10-06 09:33

Information About Glomerulosclerosis TreatmentSearching for glomerulosclerosis treatment? You can get some information from this article. Any questions, please email to or consult the online doctors. The online service is totally free.

What is glomerulosclerosis?

Glomeruli are the tiny units where blood passes and is filtered in the kidneys. Glomerulosclerosis refers to the scarring or hardening of glomeruli.

Both children and adults can be diagnosed with glomerulosclerosis, and almost 20% of adults with kidney disease will develop it.

What are the causes of glomerulosclerosis?

Diabetes, lupus, HIV, Alport, IgA, and High blood pressure are the common causes of glomerulosclerosis.

What are the symptoms of glomerulosclerosis?

In the early stages glomerulosclerosis, a person may not show any symptoms at all. When the glomeruli are too damaged to filter wastes and toxins, signs include:

- Swollen ankles and hands;

- Eye puffiness;

- Abdominal fluid retention;

- Foamy urine.

What are the treatments of glomerulosclerosis?

Treatments various from individuals to individuals. Based on the stages, causes and symptoms of glomerulosclerosis, the doctor will adopt the type of treatment. In general, they will ask the patients to:

1. Maintain a restricted diet

This kidney-friendly diet is with low sodium, protein, and cholesterol.

2. Take Medicines

Medicines may include immunosuppressants, steroids, diuretics, hypertensive drugs (ACEIs and ARBs), etc.

Studies have shown that 30-60% of patients benefit from this therapy. However, patients are likely to see the recurrence of symptoms when they reduce or stop the medication. Some even develop rejection against steroids.

3. Choose Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

After nearly 30 years’ researches on TCM, our experts finally discover the effective herbs that can treat kidney disease from the root. Why? The herbs we choose have the function of expanding blood vessels, reducing inflammation and coagulation and degrading extracellular matrix. As a result, the medicines can promote blood circulation, improving ischemia and anoxia of glomeruli. As long as the glomeruli are supplied with enough blood and oxygen, they can repair themselves well. Therefore, the kidney function can be improved and glomerulosclerosis can be relieved or even cured.

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