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Why Alcohol Speeds Up Glomerular Sclerosis

2014-06-17 07:59

Why Alcohol Speeds Up Glomerular SclerosisSclerosis means “scarring” and “fibrosis”. Glomerular sclerosis is caused by many pathogenic factors stimulating the glomeruli for a long time. The damage always happens on the glomerular endothelial cells due to lack of blood and oxygen. Alcohol may speed up glomerular sclerosis if patients drink a heavy amount.

How does alcohol affect glomeruli?

Actually, alcohol itself is not a bad thing, but if people drink too much, it will bring damage of the body. Firstly, heavy alcohol can break the nitrogen balance and accelerate the metabolism of protein. As a result, the level of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) will be increased and the kidneys are burdened. For people who have glomerular sclerosis, this will worsen their illness condition.

In addition, alcohol will affect the medical effects by inhibiting some useful enzymes. In that case, the wastes or toxins cannot be eliminated adequately, and as a result, patients may have an alcoholism, which in turn will make further damage of the glomeruli.

If you have a habit of drinking wine or liquor, you can consult our experts online for the right amount.

How is glomerular sclerosis treated?

-Medicines: Medical treatments for glomerular sclerosis include corticosteroids (often called “steroids”) and other immunosuppressive drugs (such as cyclosporine). These medications are used to reduce proteinuria. Urine is tested for protein frequently during treatment, because having less urinary protein is a sign that the treatment is working. Besides, medicine to treat complications such as high blood pressure and swelling are also used. These medicines include ACEIs (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors) and ARBs (Angiotensin Receptor Blockers).

- Diet: Generally, your doctor will ask you to have a low salt and low protein diet. Meanwhile, you’d better keep yourself away from smoking and alcohol.

- Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an innovative therapy based on traditional Chinese medicines. The micronized Chinese herbs can work on the kidney lesions directly. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs will expand the blood vessels and thus can provide oxygen and nutrition for the impairing of glomeruli. The fibrosis can be blocked and no more glomeruli will be damaged.

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