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What Are Common FSGS Symptoms

2014-05-08 02:32

What Are Common FSGS SymptomsFSGS, always called focal segmental glomerular sclerosis, shows that lesions occur on part of the glomeruli and glomerular capillaries. Symptoms will not be seen in the early stage, while with the progression of FSGS, some common symptoms appear.

1. Proteinuria

Proteinuria(protein in urine or foamy urine) is the most common symptom of FSGS. There is little protein in urine in healthy people. Due to FSGS, the glomeruli are damaged so that GFR(glomerular filtration rate) declines, usually 1/3 of the normal people. At this time, protein, which is originally cannot be excreted, is now discharged by kidneys. The worse the illness condition is, the more protein leaks out from the body.

2. Hematuria

More than half of FSGS patients have hematuria(blood in urine), which is usually seen by an microscope. Another form is gross hematuria that you can see with naked eyes. In fact, “blood” refers to “blood red cells”. The same as proteinuria, hematuria occurs because of decreased GFR. Many blood red cells are excreted with urine.

3. Hypertension

The kidney has a function of keeping the electrolyte balance, which is very important for the osmotic pressure of the liquid. Once kidneys are damaged, the electrolyte imbalance will be broken down. Excessive sodium ions are reabsorbed by the glomeruli, and then water-sodium retention comes up. The increased blood volume can cause hypertension.

4. Edema

Water-sodium retention is also the cause of edema or swelling. It will occur on your eyes, face, hands, abdomen and lower legs. Sometimes it may be painful and cause rapid weight gain. Besides, a heavy leakage of protein is another cause of swelling.

Apart from the above four common symptoms, other signs such as fatigue, frequent urine, high level of cholesterol in the blood may also show.

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