Conventional treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome is steroids and immunosuppressants, but they have a lot of side effects, and the disease gets relapse frequently. If you would like to try alternatives and get permanent treatment of the disease, systemic Chinese medicine will be a good choice for you. After a short period of treatment, edema will disappear completely, and proteinuria will turn negative.

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Can FSGS Patients Eat Corn

2014-05-24 01:03

Can FSGS Patients Eat CornCorn is a popular food that is known as its yellow color, pleasant tastes and nutritional value. You may know it is delicious, while do you know it is good for FSGS (focal segmental glomerularsclerosis) patients?

What is dietary for FSGS patients?

--For FSGS patients, a vegetarian diet with less meat products and more fresh vegetables and fruits are recommended.

--Limiting the overall intake of daily protein especially animal proteins can effectively help reduce protein in urine.

--Salt intake should also be limited in order to help control high blood pressure and slow down the progression of further renal scarring and renal fibrosis. Besides, a low-salt diet is beneficial for relieving water and sodium retention in the body so that swelling in face, legs, ankles, etc, can be eliminated.

--Adjust potassium and phosphorus intake.

-- Make sure ingest enough vitamins.

Benefits of eating corn for FSGS patients

Corn contains many vitamins which can improve the metabolism of the body as well as regulate the order of immune system. For example, the vitamin E of corn has such functions as promoting cells division, lowering high serum cholesterol, reducing arteriosclerosis, etc. The vitamin B6 can also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and help discharge the waste products in the body.

Corn contains a large amount of abundant unsaturated fatty acids which have a great effect on hyperlipemia and it can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Besides, eating corn not only can inhibit the side effects of anti-cancer drugs but also can enhance brain’s memory.

Side effects of eating corn for FSGS patients

As we all know, patients with FSGS should consume a low amount but high quality protein to reduce the burden of kidneys. Even though corn is a low-protein food, it is also the low-quality food. Judging from this point, corn is not suggested to eat.

Corn is rich in potassium and phosphorus. The impaired kidneys no longer can keep electrolyte balance, and patients are easily to be attacked by high level of potassium and phosphorus. For FSGS patients with elevated potassium and phosphorus, it is not a wise choice to eat much corn.

Generally speaking, corn has both benefits and harms for FSGS patients. In view of this condition, you’d better contact with our online doctors before eating corn, or you are suggested to leave a message below, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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