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Protein Restricted Diet for FSGS Patients

2014-04-21 02:16

Protein Restricted Diet for FSGSRestricted protein diet is associated with controlling proteinuria for FSGS patients. However, although many patients have been told to follow a low-protein diet, they still do not know how much protein they can consume.

Protein intake plays an important function in the diet plan for FSGS patients. It has been found that limiting the overall intake of daily protein especially animal protein can greatly reduce protein in urine and help ease other symptoms. Under normal conditions, for FSGS patients, their damaged kidneys fail to bear heavy burden, so in order to avoid extra kidney burden, protein intake should be limited strictly. In addition, due to the loss of large amounts of protein in the body, extra protein should also be supplemented timely so as to satisfy the body need. It is necessary to consume high-quality protein for FSGS patients, and at least 60% of protein ingested by patients need to be high-quality protein. In fact, FSGS patients can consume specific protein based on their individual condition.

In general, FSGS patients in early stage can ingest 0.8g of protein per pound of body weight a day. For those with Stage 4 FSGS, 0.6 g protein per pound of body weight a day is recommended. For patients with Stage 5 FSGS, 0.4 g protein intake per pound a day is proper if they have not started dialysis. If you have undergone dialysis, you need to consume much protein to satisfy the body need. In a word, FSGS patients should develop a low but high-quality diet. And high-quality protein can be found in lean meat, fish, egg white and milk. These protein can enhance immunity and resist disease and infection.

It is extremely important to calculate protein intake for all the FSGS patients. If you have any unclear things about healthy diet of FSGS, you can consult our online experts or send an email to, and we will give you a reply ASAP.

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