Conventional treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome is steroids and immunosuppressants, but they have a lot of side effects, and the disease gets relapse frequently. If you would like to try alternatives and get permanent treatment of the disease, systemic Chinese medicine will be a good choice for you. After a short period of treatment, edema will disappear completely, and proteinuria will turn negative.

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FSGS With Creatinine 3: Can I Eat Tomato

2015-02-19 06:17

FSGS With Creatinine 3: Can I Eat TomatoFSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis) is one of the most common cause of primary glomerular diseases in adult, and is a cause of Nephrotic Syndrome in children and adolescents. Creatinine 3 means you are in Stage 3 CKD with moderate damaged renal function. Is tomato allowed to be eaten for them?

Tomato and FSGS

Failed kidneys cannot remove excess waste adequately, so FSGS patients are required to keep a limited diet. FSGS patients with creatinine 3 are usually required to reduce intake of sodium, potassium, phosphorous and even protein.

Tomato contain rich potassium and is not recommended to be taken by kidney disease patients. Some foods like potato, avocado, spinach, artichoke, and mushroom, etc are also rich in potassium, and should be avoided.

Recommended foods for FSGS patient with creatinine 3

According to the diet principles for FSGS patients, they can take the following foods:

-Vegetable rich in vitamins: Cabbage, cauliflower, red bell peppers, cucumber, biter gourd and onions.

-Fruits: Cranberry,watermelon, apple and cherries.

-Meat: Lean meat and fish

-Dairy products: Low-fat milk is a good choice

If you have any doubts, please email to us at kidney-symptoms@hotmail.com, and we can give you some detailed suggestions.

How to lower creatinine 3 in FSGS?

The root cause of creatinine 3 is the damaged renal function. Since the glomeruli are injured, they cannot filter the waste, thus resulting in creatinine accumulation in the blood. This substance will release into the blood, attacking many organs and systems.

Therefore, to lower creatinine 3, treatment should aim at repairing the damaged glomeruli. You may as well take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

This therapy is based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), and is an external application. With osmotic device, the ingredients of medicines can permeate into kidney lesions directly. They can expand blood vessels, fight against inflammation and degrade extracellular matrixes. As a result, the kidneys can get enough blood volume and oxygen to repair themselves to increase glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and remove creatinine naturally.

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This is a girl from Saudi Arabic. After about half a month of treatment in our hospital, her leg edema disappeared, and the effect was very obvious.

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