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Why Does Numbness In Kidney Area Occur

2014-06-17 02:36

Question: For about the past 3 months, my kidneys have been killing me... It gets worse when I walk and if I continue walking it starts hurting more my left kidney area goes numb. Can still feel the pain but I have the numb feeling in the kidney area. About 9 months ago I had a small stone in my left kidney but not sure if I ever passed it or not. Could it be that the kidney stone got bigger or is it something else? Any advice or answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Why Does Numbness In Kidney Area OccurAnswer: Thank you for your consultation. Numbness may be related with many factors, I cannot say exactly that kidney stone is the cause of numbness in kidney area, but I can give you the possible reasons. Firstly, numbness indicated the nerve damage. If you have kidney disease, your kidneys must not work adequately, and thus cannot filter wastes and toxins fluently. As a result, these excessive useless substance accumulate in the body, hurting the nearby nerves and you will feel numbness. In addition, if your kidney stone gets larger, it will also compress the nerves and cause numbness. Secondly, numbness may be a result of low level of potassium. As damaged kidneys fail to keep the electrolyte balance, excessive potassium will be kept inside the body, leading to numbness in the kidney area. If you always feel this feeling, you should have urine and blood test now. Then you can send your report to, and I will give you specific suggestions.

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