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Patients with Creatinine 8 on Peritoneal Dialysis: Is There Alternative Treatment

2014-06-07 09:56

Question: My father is a dialysis patient. He is under peritoneal dialysis and his creatinine level is 8. Now, he is 58 years old. I want to ask alternative treatments for avoiding peritoneal dialysis.

Patients with Creatinine 8 on Peritoneal Dialysis: Is There Alternative TreatmentAnswer: Peritoneal dialysis is one common dialysis treatment that can usually lower high creatinine level effectively, even though it is not more effective than hemodialysis. However, creatinine 8.0 is still dangerous level, so some other treatments are needed to improve your father’s condition.

Today, we would like to recommend Hot Compress Therapy. This therapy is based on traditional hot bag compress which uses the theory of acupoints and skin permeating function. Here, Hot Compress Therapy is a breakthrough of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional hot bag compress. With this therapy, the effective ingredients can reach kidney lesions directly, so they can help repair damaged but not necrotic cells. If your father still has urine, remember to try to keep his urine before taking this therapy. This is because urine is the hope and urine means remaining kidney function.

Now, you have a general understanding about this therapy. If you want to know more about this therapy or get a more detailed treatment plan for him, you can contact us directly.

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