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What Is Renal Parenchymal Echogenicity

2014-06-05 09:12

Question: My B ultrasound test shows renal parenchymal echogenicity. Can you tell me what it is? I am very worried now.

What Is Renal Parenchymal EchogenicityAnswer: Renal parenchymal echogenicity can present some renal abnormalities. Many kidney problems can cause increased echogenicity of renal parenchyma. The most common cause is kidney damage caused by various reasons. For example, chronic nephritis, Nephrotic Syndrome, Polycystic Kidney Disease, kidney cysts, kidney stones and many other kidney diseases can cause renal parenchymal echogenicity.

From this point, we can know we can’t determine which type of kidney disease you have only depending on this test. Therefore, to detect the underlying kidney disease, you need to do some other tests including blood test, urine test or kidney biopsy. These tests can help not only determine which kidney disease you have but also detect how well your kidneys are working. Therefore, doctors can know how to arrange a right and effective treatment plan for you.

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