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Is Running Suitable for Lupus Nephritis Patients with Swelling

2014-05-20 09:26

Is Running Suitable for Lupus Nephritis Patients with SwellingQuestion: I’m 46 years old female with Lupus Nephritis. As my recent blood and urine tests show, my creatinine level is 2.1, and I have proteinuria. What’s more, there are slight swelling on my legs and hands. I am a runner and I am wondering when I will feel well enough to run again. And now, is running suitable for me?

Answer: Thanks for your question. And I am willing to help you solve your problem. Currently, running is not recommended to you. You can know why through the following contents.

Lupus nephritis refers to kidney problem secondary to lupus. It is easy to progress to kidney failure if not treated effectively and timely. High creatinine level and swelling are visible symptoms of Lupus Nephritis, and they occur easily when kidneys fail to discharge excess fluid, sodium and creatinine in the body. Besides, creatinine is the chemical waste products from our muscles.

As you know, running is one of the best activities most people can do to improve their health. But for you, one Lupus Nephritis patient, running is actually not a suitable mode of exercise. If you insist on running every day, swelling on your legs and hands will become more serious. And this exercise can promote your body produce more creatinine. Judging from two points, you should not do any strenuous exercise, including running. Then, when you can begin running?

Only you have a timely and effective treatment to eliminate swelling and control the development of illness condition, can you start running. But what I need to emphasis is that, it could not be better if you walk slowly or jog down.

There are many effective treatments to deal with kidney diseases in our hospital, such as Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, Blood Pollution Therapy and so on. If you want more information, please leave a message below or consult our online doctors directly.

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