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Can Kidney Disease Be Caused by Alcoholism

2014-05-17 00:55

Question: Recently, one person visited our website and left a message to us: Can kidney disease be caused by alcoholism? Now, for this question, I will give you an answer.

Can Kidney Disease Be Caused by AlcoholismAnswer: In fact, alcoholism can not only cause kidney disease, but also can aggravate the liver disease. Alcoholism is likelier to be a physical dependence on alcohol. Many people drink alcohol in the form of beer, wine or liquor, and people drink alcohol to relax, celebrate and socialize. However, people with alcoholism find that drinking moderately or stopping drinking is very difficult. They often struggle to live normally and they may face serious health consequences, because alcohol contains a large amount of irritative ingredients.

Drinking too much alcohol has numerous downsides for human bodies.

It can increase the chance of developing high blood pressure, which is the leading cause of kidney disease if you are in heavy drinking.

It can prevent kidneys from maintaining a proper balance of body fluids and minerals.

It can cause frequent urination, which can lead to dehydration.

It can damage kidney tissues and cells.

It has interference with some certain medicines, which are life-threatening. These medicines include cephalosporin, hypotensive drugs, antibiotics and so on.

All in all, kidney disease is likely to be induced by alcoholism. Except that, you should pay special attention to parts of the body most impacted by alcohol: brain, heart, liver and nervous system. Any questions, please leave a message below or talk with our doctors online directly, and we all do our best to help you.

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