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How to Prevent Cystic Growth for PKD Patients

2014-05-07 01:00

How to Prevent Cystic Growth for PKD PatientsQuestion: My dad has been diagnosed with ADPKD (autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease) at the age of 60. And he has small multiple cysts around his kidney, but he does not have discomforts. However, I am worried that the multiple small cysts can become lager and larger with time. Could you tell me how to prevent cystic growth?

Answer: Thanks for your inquiry. I could see that you love your father deeply through this question. Please don’t worry, and I will try my best to help you and your father.

What causes cystic growth?

Infection-- If infections appear on any part of body, they will enter into kidney through blood. And that provides a beneficial environment for cystic growth. Infections can activity cysts internal factors, and promote cystic growth.

Toxin-- Once toxins invade the human body, they will destroy various organs and tissues. Toxins may come from the specific medicines, such as gentamicin, indometacin, kanamycin, aspirin and so on.

Cystic fluid retention-- Cysts in polycystic kidney disease enlarge due to increased cystic fluid, and the bigger cysts are, the more kidney tissues will be affected. So as long as we can stop the increase of cystic fluid, kidney cysts will stop enlarging and growing.

Hypertension--There is a interaction between hypertension and cystic growth. Hypertension can lead to cystic growth, and enlarged cystic will oppress renal parenchyma and activate RAAS (renin angiotensin aldosterone system), thus causing hypertension.

Then, how to prevent cystic growth?

After finding out the causes of cystic growth, it is easier to look for the methods. First, avoiding infections is important to your father. Second, consult a doctor before taking some certain medicines. Third, control high blood pressure. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is widely used in stoping cystic growth. This therapy makes full use of effective ingredients of Chinese medicines to expand blood vessels around the cysts and increase the permeability of cysts wall. These herbal medicines can shrink cysts and stop cysts growing. Under such a condition, kidney tissues are able to perform their function and help patients maintain their life.

The above is my general explanation about your question. If you want a detailed and specific treatment method, please leave a message below or email to It could not be better if you enclose medical history about your father. Best wishes to your father.

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