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Why Nephrotic Syndrome Causes Severe Swelling

2014-04-29 00:45

Question: My mum is diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and she has severe swelling on her legs and face. The doctor only tells me that swelling is the most common symptom in Nephrotic Syndrome. However, I want to know why Nephrotic Syndrome causes severe swelling?

Why Nephrotic Syndrome Causes Severe SwellingAnswer: Today, I would like to share some information for this problems. Nephrotic Syndrome is a non-specific kidney disorder and it refers to a group of symptoms which are proteinuria, hyperlipemia, hypoalbuminemia and serious swelling or edema. And Nephrotic Syndrome is always accompanied by serious edema which is observable swelling from fluid accumulation in the body. With damaged kidney function, it cannot excretes wastes and extra fluid from the body and a large amount of fluid will pile up in the body, thus leading to swelling. Edema in Nephrotic Syndrome has a close relationship with proteinuria symptom and usually, the severer the proteinuria, the severer the edema. As the glomeruli filtration membrane damages, the increased permeability of filtration membrane can leak out many nutritions including protein through urine. In fact, edema can be a side effect of a variety of medications, including some oral diabetes medications, high blood pressure medications and some diuretics and so on. That’s all why Nephrotic Syndrome can cause server swelling. Meanwhile, I also give you some tips in controlling even eliminating swelling for you.

1. Use correct amount of diuretics

2. Limit fluid intake

3. Have a tight control of proteinuria

4. Design a healthy diet plan

5. Avoid standing for a long time

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