Question: I have an Uncle with blood clots problem. His legs and arms are swollen because of Kidney Failure. Is Kidney Failure the result of blood clots? Are those symptoms fatal already? Answer: Kidney Failure, also called End Stage Renal

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Is Blood Clot the Result of Kidney Failure

2015-03-18 18:26

Question: I have an Uncle with blood clots problem. His legs and arms are swollen because of Kidney Failure. Is blood clot the result of Kidney Failure? Are those symptoms fatal already?

Is Kidney Failure the Result of Blood ClotsAnswer: Kidney Failure, also called End Stage Renal Disease is the most severe stage. Without treatment, patients may die within several weeks. Swelling in legs and arms is the common symptom due to fluid-retention. Damaged kidneys cannot remove extra fluid in the body, thus resulting in swelling in extremities. Then, will Kidney Failure cause blood clots?

In fact, blood clot is more likely occur in Nephrotic Syndrome patients. Patients with cardiovascular disease and diabetes have higher risk of experiencing blood clots. When kidneys are damaged, they have difficulty in filtering waste products in the blood. Therefore, those substance builds up in the blood, aggravating blood clots.

Immediate treatment is needed for Kidney Failure patients. Dialysis or kidney transplant may be recommended. Dialysis is a method to remove wastes and extra fluid in the body, but cannot work as well as a healthy kidney. Therefore, they need more natural and effective treatment. In that case, I recommend your uncle to take Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The key effect of these medicines is to improve blood circulation and repair damaged renal tissues. Therefore, kidneys can get enough blood volume and oxygen to work adequately. If you are interested in our medicines, please leave your email address and questions below. You will get reply within 24 hours.

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