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Is Black Fungus Good for ESRD Patients

2014-04-10 01:38

Is Black Fungus Good for ESRD PatientsIs black fungus good for End Stage Renal Disease patients? After reading this article, generally you can get a answer. For ESRD patients, hyperlipidemia, anemia, thrombus and bone disease are common complications of ESRD patients and all these complications can be alleviated or prevented by eating black fungus.

Prevent anemia

Anemia is a common complaint of ESRD patients. Iron is a necessary element of red blood cells. Taking enough iron can prevent iron deficiency anemia, because it can store enough iron for producing red blood cells. Black fungus is praised as “king of vegetables”, as it is high in iron. Thus, black fungus is a good choice for anemia patients.

Lower the risk of thrombus

Black fungus has the effects of increasing the fluidity of the blood, improving circulation and reducing LDL cholesterol levels. It is often given to patients who suffer from atherosclerosis to reduce the risk of thrombus.

Control blood pressure

Black fungus is effective to help ESRD patients with blood pressure to lower their pressure guarding against heart diseases.

A good source of calcium

ESRD patients always suffer bone disease, which can badly influence their prognosis. Patients of ESRD should pay attention to their calcium intake. Patients can eat the right amount of black fungus as their source of calcium.

Supplement necessary nutrients

With the loss of protein, some necessary nutrients may run off with them, as some protein work as their carriers. For ESRD patients, supplementing some necessary nutrients is very important to their health. Black fungus is also rich in protein, vitamins B1, B2 and D.

Other beneficial function

Black Fungus helps in nourishing the lungs, liver and stomach. It alleviates dryness and promotes circulation in the body. What’s more, Black fungus is a good “absorbent” and “scavenger” of toxic substances in the body thanks to its pectin that can absorb dust in lungs and digestive system and then excrete together.

However, black fungus is not good for all ESRD patients. Patients with hyperkalemia should avoid eating black fungus as it is high in potassium.

All in all, black fungus has its benefits and defects. Patients eat black fungus or not according to their own condition. If you have some more detailed question, leave a message below or contact our online doctors for help.

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