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What Cause Light Headache in ESRD

2014-08-04 01:36

What Cause Light Headache in ESRDESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) or Kidney Failure is a situation where your kidneys are working with less than 15% function. This disease will affect many other systems or organs. Therefore, it is very common for you to experience various problems. Well then, what cause light headache in ESRD? Read on, and you will get the answer.

Causes of light headache in ESRD

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure caused by water-sodium retention is a common cause of headache. Taking medicines to control your blood pressure and limiting sodium intake can relieve the headache.

2. Nerve problems

Due to the accumulation of wastes and toxins in the body, the nervous system can be damaged. As a result, many symptoms will occur, for instance, muscle tremor, insomnia, poor concentration, bad memory, numb limbs and headache.

3. Anemia

Anemia occurs as the kidneys fail to produce enough EPO (erythropoietin) which can stimulate the production of red blood cells. Other causes of anemia may be low level of iron, inadequate folic acid. As red blood cells can carry oxygen to brain tissues, inadequate oxygen supply to brain can give rise to headache.

4. Side effects of dialysis

Dialysis is often recommended for ESRD patients. However, side effects are often seen, either. During dialysis, our brain tissue does not release wastes as fast as our body tissues, which cause brain tissue to pull in extra water and thus resulting in swelling. Consequently, we feel headache. Aside from it, rapid fluctuation of blood pressure also may cause headache.

There may be some other causes such as emotional stress, anxiety, and sleep disorder, etc. Treatment should be based on the real causes and you should not take over-the-counter drugs on your own. Consult your doctor is very necessary.

No matter what the cause of headache in ESRD is, to improve the kidney function is always the most important thing. As for that, you can consult our doctor online or leave a message below.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
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