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End Stage Renal Failure Symptoms

2014-05-16 06:10

End Stage Renal Failure SymptomsKidney Failure is a kidney disease hard to be treated. If left untreated, renal failure progresses into the end stage, namely, the stage of uremia, it will be life-threatening. Well then, what are the common end stage of renal failure symptoms?

The four stages of chronic kidney failure

Clinically, the stage of kidney failure is divided into four stages, according to Ccr (creatinine clearance rate) or Scr(serum creatinine).

  Renal compensatory period Renal decompensation period Renal failure period Uremia period
Ccr 80ml/min≧Ccr≧50ml/min 49ml/min≧Ccr≧20ml/min 19ml/min≧Ccr≧10ml/min Ccr≦9ml/min
Scr 177umol/L≧SCr≧133umol/L 442umol/L≧SCr≧186umol/L 19ml/min≧Ccr≧10ml/min Scr≧708umol/L

Symptoms of the end stage of kidney failure

1. Digestive system: poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, urine smell in the mouth and hemorrhage of digestive tract.

2. Skin problems: Xerosis(dry skin), itching, lacklustre skin, swelling or infection.

3. Metabolic Disorders: Balance disorders of water, electrolyte and acid-base occur, resulting in edema, dehydration or muscle cramps.

4. Hemopoietic system: It is present sever anemia even bleeding in other organs.

5. Respiratory system: Acidosis leads to deep and slow breath and urine smell in the mouth. When the illness condition gets worse, pulmonary edema may occur.

6. Nervous system: restlessness, bad memory, poor concentration and even coma.

7. Skeletal system: Renal Osteodystrophy may appear, showing joint pain.

8. Kidney problems: Large amount of urine in the night or oliguria and anuria because of the decreased GFR(glomerular filtration rate).

How to deal with the symptoms in the end stage of renal failure?

When kidney disease reaches the end stage with kidney function falling to below 10 percent of normal, conservative treatment is usually no longer adequate to control the symptoms of kidney failure. Dialysis is urgently needed when the patient has uncontrolled symptoms (e.g., nausea and anorexia), high blood potassium resistant to medical treatment, pericarditis (inflammation of the coverings of the heart) and nerve damage.

Is dialysis the only way of treating end stage kidney failure? Fortunately, the answer is “No”. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has been well known and widely used in China for its great clinical success. If you want to know more about this therapy, you can contact our online experts or email to Best wishes.

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