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Blisters and End Stage Renal Disease

2014-05-16 06:46

Blisters and End Stage Renal DiseaseEnd-stage renal disease (ESRD) is a progressive and irreversible kidney dysfunction. Nearly all patients with ESRD have at least one skin problem, such as blisters, xerosis (dry skin), pigmentary disorders, itching. These skin changes can occur before or even after initiation of dialysis or kidney transplantation.

What is the blister?

The newer lesions are tense, fluid-filled, and painful, but many will rupture spontaneously leaving shallow ulcers. Older lesions are covered in scars and some show scarring as they healed. The blisters are located exclusively on sun-exposed areas (dorsum of both hands and scalp).

Why blisters occur?

Bullous dermatoses of dialysis or pseudo-porphyria may affect 8 to 18% of the patients on hemodialysis. Usually, this condition is equivalent to PCT (porphyria cutanea tarda), showing the skin fragility and the formation of blisters in the photo-exposed areas.

Firstly, patients at the end stage of kidney disease, fail to discharge excessive water in the body, due to the decreased GFR (glomerular filtration rate). Severe water-sodium retention may cause blisters when the fluid becomes trapped under your skin. What’s more, the deposited wastes and toxins in the skin are also the causes of blisters.

How to treat blisters?

As the western medicines have side effects, here I recommend you a natural remedy—Medicated Bath.

It is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy. With the effective Chinese medicine and adjusted water, kidney disease patients can be treated while taking the bath. Then what are the advantages of this therapy?

On one hand, the effective ingredients of Chinese medicines can directly act on the skin through acupuncture points, and enter into blood circulation and help regulate the disorders and imbalances in the internal body and improve the functions of internal organs and systems.

On the other hand, stimulation of hot water can expand the blood vessels and promote blood circulations, helping the absorption of the herbs. In addition, the supply of blood, oxygen and other necessary nutritions needed by your body will increase.

In that way, your kidney function can recover and the GFR will rise. Therefore, excessive fluids, wastes and toxins can be excreted fluently and blisters will gradually disappear.

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