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Chinese Therapy for Uremia in End Stage Renal Disease

2014-05-04 08:02

Chinese Therapy for Uremia in End Stage Renal DiseaseEnd stage renal disease is the end stage of various chronic kidney disease. At this stage, it is easy to induce uremia, because patients’ glomerular filtration reate (GFR) is 15ml/min or less. It means that kidney has lost nearly all their ability to function adequately. In this condition, dialysis and kidney transplant are usually recommended. However, Chinese therapy is created and it brings unthinkable effective to treat uremia.

What causes uremia?

Uremia is not an independent kidney disease, but a series of clinical manifestations and it is the common syndrome of nearly of all the kidney disease in the end stage, such as chronic glomerulonephritis , renal arteriosclerosis, stone in urethra and so on. Along with the sharp decline of kidney function, the nitrogen metabolism and other wastes cannot be excreted out from the body. Too much accumulation of wastes can disorder the internal environment and cause further damages to kidneys and other organs. And some severe symptoms will appear on patients like heart failure, coma, vomiting, itching, swelling, abnormal tastes, etc. Uremia is a life-threatening disease, so treatment is especially important.

What is the “Chinese therapy”?

For most patients with uremia in end stage renal disease, they want to get rid of this disease urgently, but they are not willing to accept dialysis because of its side effects, cost and so on. Now, there is an alternative treatment for treating uremia--Chinese therapy.

Chinese therapy is unique. It is characterized by special herbal medicines, treatment methods and diagnostics. Chinese therapy mainly adopt special herbal medicines to repair kidney damages and improve the patients’ immune system. Chinese therapy aims to eliminate symptoms and enhance kidney function from the root. Even more, Chinese therapy is different from traditional Chinese medicine which is usually taking by oral. Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy, etc, are included in Chinese therapy.


Immunotherapy can be said to be the latest treatment for uremia and other kidney disease. It combines the advantages of Chinese therapy and western therapy. Immunotherapy is made up with immune diagnosis, immune blockage, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune regulation and immune protection. Immunotherapy can not only clear away toxins from the body but also contribute to repairing kidney damages, improving kidney function and enhancing immunity. Once kidney function can reback to normal, the uremia can be well controlled, even can be reversed. a

Additionally, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Hot Compress Therapy and Medicated Bath are all effective for managing uremia and other kidney diseases. If you are interested in Chinese therapies, you can consult our online doctors or email to, and in order that you can get a specific guidance, it could not be better if you send patient’s information to us.

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