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Why Hypertension Appears In Patients With Enlarged Kidney

2014-04-19 02:39

Why Hypertension Appears In Patients With Enlarged KidneyEnlarged kidney is a disease which can be caused by many reasons, like cysts, cancer, infection, kidney stone, hydronephrosis, etc. But it is more accurate when it refers to the kidneys of patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), because it can enlarge patient’s kidneys gradually, and they can even fill with patient’s enterocoelia.

For patients with enlarged kidney which is caused by PKD, they can have many obvious health problems in their body, among which hypertension is very common.

Why patients with enlarged kidney of PKD often have hypertension?

kidney has the function of secreting hormones, and renin is a hormone which plays a key role in regulating our blood pressure.

The blood flow will be reduced when the cysts oppress patient’s kidney structure, and the reduced blood flow will stimulate the kidney to secrete renin, and after a series of reactions in patient’s body, the blood pressure will be increased.

Comparing with other kidney diseases, patients with PKD can have hypertension more earlier, even when patients are still in the early stage of their disease.

Is hypertension dangerous for patients with enlarged kidney?

Hypertension is a common complications in patients with kidney disease, and it can cause severe damage to patient’s kidney function, so it is to patients with enlarged kidney caused by PKD.

Hypertension can increase the blood pressure in blood vessel, and that can cause the protein in blood to leak out through glomerular filtration membrane. Protein is a macromolecular substance, and it can increase the permeability of filtration membrane obviously, which will be a vicious circle to damage patient’s kidney structure.

Besides, if patient’s blood pressure is too high, that can damage the blood vessels in patient’s kidney directly, which will also cause patient’s kidney function to reduce.

In fact, most patients’ prognosis will be aggravated greatly when patients with kidney disease have high blood pressure.

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