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Side Effects of Carambola on Dialysis Patients

2014-09-03 01:52

Side Effects of Carambola on Dialysis PatientsWe need to be cautious on carambola. Its side effects can can be fatal, depending on how much you eat and your physical condition. If you are on dialysis, you’d better avoid carambola.


Patients with renal failure should avoid star fruit (Averrhoa carrambola). In 1998, six cases of patients in a dialysis program who were apparently

intoxicated by ingestion of star fruit were reported. After ingestion of 2-3 fruits or 150-200 ml of the fruit juice, the six patients, who had previously been stable in a regular dialysis programme, developed a variety of symptoms ranging from insomnia and hiccups to agitation, mental confusion and (in one case) death. In 2000, death after ingestion of carambola in uremic patients was also reported in Taiwan. Their initial presentations included sudden-onset limb numbness, muscle weakness, intractable hiccups, consciousness disturbance of various degrees, and seizure. Death occurred within 5 days despite emergent hemodialysis and intensive medical care. In 2003, researchers from Brazil reported that patients who were promptly treated with hemodialysis, including those with severe intoxication, recovered without serious consequence. However, patients with severe intoxication who were not treated or treated with peritoneal dialysis did not survive. Similar reports were found in Hong Kong, Thailand and France.

This result may be associated with large amounts of oxalate in the carambola.


Even though dialysis can help the patients live longer, its effects are limited. Dialysis is a kidney replacement therapy, which means it filters wastes and toxins and the kidneys need not to work. After a long time of dialysis, your kidney remaining function will lose more. That’s why dialysis patients may see the elevation of creatinine after stopping dialysis. That is to say, treatment should not only relieve symptoms but also protect and improve the kidney function. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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Kidney Disease Treatments

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