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Complexion Getting Darker for Dialysis Patients

2014-06-04 07:30

Complexion Getting Darker for Dialysis PatientsQuite a number of dialysis patients experience some unpleasant changes in their skin. Complexion getting darker or skin discoloration becomes some dialysis patients’ big headache, so they are eager to find solution to deal with this problem.

Why do dialysis patients have darker complexion?

This skin change is related closely to one pigment called urochrome. Normally, healthy kidneys can excrete urochrome out of the body via urine, and the excretion output is about 75mg every day. However, once patients begin dialysis, it means their glomerular filtration rate (GFR) has declined seriously. Therefore, the excretion of urochrome reduces accordingly. Finally, more and more urochrome accumulates in the body, and complexion becomes darker.

How to manage dark complexion for dialysis patients?

Since this problem is due to the disadvantage of dialysis, some alternative treatments are needed to overcome this disadvantage. Here, we give out the following suggestions. (Consult the doctor online to determine which one is suitable for you.)

1. Blood Purification: With the help of various blood purification methods, this therapy can not only cleanse small molecular substances, just as dialysis does, but also eliminate moderate and large molecular substances. Therefore, complexion getting darker can be alleviated largely.

2. Blood Pollution Therapy: Compared with conventional Chinese medicines, this therapy focuses on normalizing blood circulation rather than repairing damaged kidney cells. As long as blood circulation can supplement enough blood and nutritions for damaged kidney cells, kidney cells can recover to work gradually. Finally, kidneys can filter out urochrome by themselves.

3. A healthy diet plan: Besides the above medical therapies, a healthy diet plan is very important to reduce the accumulate of urochrome. This is because this substance is generated from protein metabolism. Thereby, it is useful to arrange a low-protein diet.

From the above analysis, we can know complexion getting darker can be reversed. If you happen to have this problem, hopefully you can get rid of it sooner.

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