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Yoga for Dialysis Patients

2014-05-14 07:05

Yoga for Dialysis PatientsHaving a strong body is a must for dialysis patients to live better, while gentle exercise can help build patients’ bone. Yoga may be one option for dialysis patients to boost their health condition. Can all dialysis patients do yoga?

The answer is complex. Because dialysis is usually not recommended unless nearly all kidney function is lost, patients may have many other problems. Some of these problems determine dialysis patients had better not do yoga.

The first one is Polycystic Kidney Disease. PKD is one common kidney disorder and it has been the forth leading cause of kidney failure in some countries. If your kidney failure is caused by PKD, bending or stretching movements in yoga can cause PKD kidney cysts to burst easily. Then, more serious complications will appear.

The second one is simple kidney cyst. Dialysis and kidney disorder can increase the incidence of kidney cyst. Just like PKD, kidney cyst may also burst if there is a knock or compression on kidneys.

The third one is renal bone disease. In kidney failure, extra phosphorus will build up in the blood that pulls calcium from the bone. Then, patients are more likely to suffer from some bone diseases like osteoporosis. If patients have this problem, yoga may cause fracture.

The last one is hematuria. Hematuria is one common symptom of kidney failure. When patients have severe hematuria, they need to take more rest in the bed and avoid yoga.

From the above analysis, we can know which kind of dialysis patients had better not do yoga. If you have one of the above problems, tell your doctor or doctor online immediately. Therefore, they can tell you what exercise you can do or not do. Always make sure you are taking correct exercise plan.

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