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Is Home Dialysis Suitable for Patients With Creatinine 9

2014-05-11 08:08

Is Home Dialysis Suitable for Patients With Creatinine 9In general, when creatinine approaches 8, dialysis may be recommended. For more than 40 years, home dialysis has been a choice of the treatment. Well, is home dialysis suitable for patients with creatinine 9?

Types of Home Dialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

It is a treatment for patients with severe chronic kidney disease(CKD). Elderly, infant or child can take PD as the first choice. Creatinine 9 is an indicator that you may need a dialysis.

The process uses the patient's peritoneum in the abdomen as a membrane, across which fluids and dissolved substances are exchanged from the blood.

Dialyzate is injected through a catheter into the abdomen. Then, toxins and fluid of the blood flow into the dialyzate through peritoneal membrane. After the dialyzate dwells for a time, toxins and wastes are drained. Finally, fresh dialyzate is injected again. That is the process——inject, dwell, drain.

►Home Hemodialysis (HHD)

Daily home hemodialysis Nocturnal home hemodialysis Standard home hemodialysis
·Fit treatments around your life
·Fewer food and drink limits
·Take it along when you travel
·More dialysises than standard HD
·Convenient for
·Six times per week, which is better than 
 conventional dialysis with 3 times per week.
·Better energy, sleep and intimacy
·Few food and drink limits
·May live longer
·Feel more in control than in a center
·Set your own schedule
·Convenient for friends visit

Which home treatment is suitable for you?

Your choice depends on a variety of factors: your medical condition, lifestyle, and level of comfort in administering your treatment at home. Our online doctors will recommend the best option suited for you based on these factors as well as your desired treatment method.


As you may do home dialysis yourself, it is good for you to have your condition monitored by your doctor. You should also report any changes you see and feel to your doctor immediately.

However, dialysis has some risks: infection, hypertension, cramps, nausea and headache and anemia.

Therefore, I recommend you try some Chinese therapies, such as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Blood Pollution Therapy, Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath, and Hot Compress Therapy. All of those therapies are safe and natural remedies. In addition, these therapies treat kidney disease through cleaning the blood. In that way, you can improve your kidney function from the root, let alone creatinine 9.

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Kidney Disease Treatments

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