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Can Kidney Function Come Back If Start Dialysis

2016-01-16 03:16

Can Kidney Function Come Back If Start DialysisDialysis is one important renal replacement therapy for sustaining life for Kidney Failure or ESRD patients, which can replace impaired kidneys do some jobs. Well then, can kidney function com back if start dialysis?

In clinic, there are 2 types of kidney failure-acute one and chronic one. In case of acute renal failure, it can be cured completely. Dialysis, along with proper drugs and diets can reverse renal damages and restore most or even all the kidney functions.

However, in case of Chronic Kidney Failure, it is unfortunately that dialysis, drugs and diets cannot completely cure the disease. Though dialysis can replace parts of renal functions, there are many functions that dialysis cannot do such as endocrine function. Once stooping dialysis, wastes and toxins will pile up in the blood, causing further kidney damage.

What’s more, the residual renal function will be gradually lost because patients will become dependent on dialysis. This is why illness conditions will continue to become worse and kidney functions will continue to decrease even with dialysis. Therefore, dialysis is just a machine to help patients get a instant relief without any repairing of damaged renal tissues or improvement of renal functions.

Well then, is there any other alternative treatment to dialysis?

Yes. Coming to Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital is a goo choice, because there are many systemic and latest kidney disease treatment that based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy uses medicines with strong nourishing ability and immunological competence that can help deal with impaired kidney cells, so as to improve kidney function level and reverse kidney damage. To support the therapeutic effects of this therapy, some auxiliary methods such as Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Cycle Therapy, and so on, are taken to improve patients' overall health condition.

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Kidney Disease Treatments

Kidney Disease Treatments

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