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How to Reduce Foot Swelling for Patients with 2-year Dialysis

2015-11-28 03:27

How to Reduce Foot Swelling for Patients with 2-year Dialysis“My dad has done dialysis for 2 years. But his feet is so swollen that he cannot even walk. What can we do to reduce it?” I find the question in our email In the following text, we will give an detailed explanation and possible treatments. Any questions after reading, you also can chat with me through Whatsapp+8615512139310.

How does swelling occur?

In general, swollen feet (Edema on the feet) is caused by severe decline of renal function, or more precisely, decreased renal function can cause protein in urine and water-sodium retention which can also induce swelling.

Why do patients have swelling after long-term dialysis?

Dialysis indeed is a rapid way to discharge extra wastes and toxins as well as extra fluid from the body. However, it is unfortunate that dialysis is unable to improve renal function. Therefore, before staring next dialysis, the extra fluid may build up in the body tissues easily, inducing swelling. In addition, long-term and inadequate dialysis will cause further damage to kidneys.

Well then, how to reduce swelling for dialysis patients?

Kidney expert who from Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital points that it is important to take the joint therapy for dialysis patients, so as to repair kidney damage and improve renal function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a good combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine and western technology. Different from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the therapy is external application of herbal medicine which is applied on patients’ Shenshu acupoint. The doctor will elect 13-14 kinds of herbal medicines which can help you expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation, fight against inflammation, degrade extracelluar matrix and supply necessary nutrition. In the condition, kidney function can get significant improvement. As a result, swelling on the feet also can be reduced along with improvement of renal function.

Compared with western medicine and Kidney Dialysis,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can remedy the kidney damage fundamentally if your disease condition is not very serious. A timely and effective treatments play a very important role in renal recovery.

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