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Can I Have a Pet If I Do Home Dialysis

2015-05-13 10:06

Can I Have a Pet If I Do Home DialysisA question came to my attention, “ Can I have a pet if I do home dialysis?”. I would like to share with you some information if you also have such a question.

In fact, I don’t recommend to keep a pet during dialysis treatment. As you know, patients who take dialysis have weakened immune systems, they may be likely to get infection from animals. Therefore, they are advised to give up their pets to avoid getting disease from the animals.

Yet, someone say that there is no way they are going to give up their pet, because they are too attached to him/her. If you really cannot live without your pet, you’d better pay much attention on them during you dialysis.

What should you know if you decide to keep a pet during dialysis?

First of all, if you are on peritoneal dialysis, you must keep pets out of the room when you do your exchanges to avoid infection. Similarly, if you take hemodialysis, you may not be able to have your pet with you during treatment to avoid risk of you pet biting or clawing at the tubing.

Secondly, you’d better consult the veterinarian for information on infections that you might get from your pets. Also, have you veterinarian check all your pets for any diseases. Then continually keep your pet clean and healthy including making sure that its vaccinations are all up to date.

Thirdly, you can protect yourself against germs and infection with a pet such as washing your hands thoroughly after handing your pet, and always washing your hands before you eat, prepare food or take medicines. If you have birds or cats, however, have someone else clean the cages or litter box which likely contain bacteria that can be harmful to you.

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