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How to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy From Developing Into Kidney Failure

2014-05-01 09:24

How to Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy From Developing Into Kidney FailureDiabetic Nephropathy does not develop into Kidney Failure in one day. However, in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, there is no obvious sign. If not treated timely, patients will get their illness condition worse, then serious metabolic disorder appears and finally kidney failure occurs. So, how to prevent diabetic nephropathy from developing into renal failure has become the concern of patients.

There are 5 stages of diabetic nephropathy. In the first two periods, the disease is reversible as long as you can protect the remaining kidney function by the following ways:

-Plan a healthy diet

The general principle of this special diet is low salt, protein, cholesterol and fat. Once the proteinuria is abnormal, foods with much plant protein, such as soy beans and bean products, should be reduced even stopped to eat. However, foods with high-quality protein, like lean meat and egg white are recommended. With obviously damaged kidney function, potassium intake is also limited. In that case, spinach, kelp, banana and peach should not be taken.

-Scientific and regular exercise

In the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, you can do some aerobic exercise. Brisk walking is not bad. Do it after supper everyday with at least half an hour, five times a week. Strong and long-time exercise should be avoided in case of high blood pressure and large amounts of proteinuria.

-Strict control of blood glucose

Blood glucose is closely related to diabetic nephropathy. Controlling blood glucose in normal or near normal levels can slow the progression of renal failure. In the early stage, patients can be treated with oral hypoglycemic agents(OHA). If it does not work and renal insufficiency appears, you should take insulin as soon as possible.

-Effective control of blood pressure

It helps preventing acute kidney failure by reducing proteinuria and improving GFR(glomerular filtration rate). This method can be started with a salt-limited diet, loosing weight and smoking and alcohol prohibition.

-Correct lipid abnormalities

Lipid-lowering agents have an immediate effect. In clinic, two kinds of drugs, namely, fibrates and statins are widely used.

-Early intervention treatment

This has an obvious effect for the diabetic nephropathy patients in the early stage. Practices show that the application of antioxidants, vascular converting enzyme inhibitors and Liuwei dihuang pills (a traditional Chinese medicine) on patients has got a good result.

From the above introduction, I hope you have a general understanding. If you are in the early stage of diabetic nephropathy, don’t worry, you still have great chance of not developing into renal failure. Our experts will do their best to help you, just leave a message below or email to

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