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Serum Creatinine Level of 2.8 in Diabetic Nephropathy

2014-06-14 01:14

Serum Creatinine Level of 2.8 in Diabetic NephropathyIt is so common that Diabetic Nephropathy patients are always bothered about a high creatinine level. A patient with diabetes for 16 years was diagnosed with creatinine 2.8. However, before the blood test, he did not see any symptom. Therefore, he asked me what had caused this condition. I will explain in this article. I hope patients with the similar situation can benefit from it.

How does creatinine 2.8 in Diabetic Nephropathy occur?

Kidney disease is a complication of diabetes. Usually, Diabetic Nephropathy is characterized by high creatinine level due to damaged kidney function. High blood sugar burdens the kidneys. After a long time, blood vessels of kidneys are destroyed. As result, high level of wastes, including creatinine, cannot be discharged adequately.

How to reduce creatinine 2.8 in Diabetic Nephropathy?

On one hand, for Diabetic Nephropathy patients, controlling the blood sugar level should be put in the first place. Taking antidiabetic agents and designing a low sugar diet is the basic way.

However, some drugs are toxic for kidneys and will make kidneys exhausted. You’d better ask for your doctor’s advice.

On the other hand, high creatinine level is mainly due to damaged kidney function. What’s more, the essence of kidney disease is the damage of renal intrinsic cells. Therefore, to repair damaged renal intrinsic cells, rebuild the normal kidney structure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osthmotherap is such an effective treatment. Its curative effects are obvious. Patients will see the urine changes and improved sleep quality as well as appetite. Moreover, creatinine 2.8 can be lowered.

High creatinine level is not so terrible if you take effective treatment timely. Contact us immediately and we will give you more detailed suggestions.

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