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Herbal Treatment of Swelling of Body Due to Diabetes

2014-06-04 05:50

Herbal Treatment of Swelling of Body Due to DiabetesActually, diabetes does not cause swelling directly. Swelling or edema is a complication that occurs when diabetes affects other organs such as heart, brain, lung, nerve or kidney. Among those factors, kidney disease due to diabetes is the most common one. Herbal treatment for swelling has been so popular among the patients, and it can be taken either internally or externally. Here I would like to introduce several examples for you.

A Herbal diet

1. Lalang Grass Rhizome: 100g;Decoct it in water;Drinking one time a day

2. Carp: About 500g;Cooking in clear water without salt; Taking both the fish and water once in a day

3. Red Beans: 100g; Put some red beans when making porridge.

4. Motherwort: 120g; Taking with water several times each day.

5. Corn silk: 30g-60g; Taking like motherwort.

6. Black soy beans: 50g-100g; Taking with one boiled egg once each day; Keeping this diet for one to two weeks.

Medicated Bath

Besides kidneys, skin is another excretory organ. Medicated Bath can help stimulate the skin to sweat, so as to take away extra fluid and ease patients’ swelling. Besides, the effective ingredients work on the body to expand blood vessels. Therefore, enough oxygen and nutrition can be carried to meet the needs of kidney repairing. If the damaged kidney recovers, excessive fluids will flush out of the body.

Foot Bath

Compared with medicated bath, foot bath can be taken every day. The mechanism is the same with Medicated Bath. As the saying goes, foot is the “second heart” of our body. On the feet, there are many acupoints which are associated with our body’s different functions.

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