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Infection is a trouble for almost all kidney patients, because it can trigger the relapse of disease or even make it worse. How should Diabetic Nephropathy patients prevent infections? In this article, we will teach you.

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How Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Prevent Infection

2018-06-27 03:58

How Should Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Prevent InfectionInfection is a trouble for almost all kidney patients, because it can trigger the relapse of disease or even make it worse. How should Diabetic Nephropathy patients prevent infections? In this article, we will teach you.

1. Foot care

Diabetic Nephropathy patients usually have vascular diseases, which can cause limb ischemia or vascular obstruction. Once you get infection or injury, it is prone to having tissue necrosis. Therefore, you can immerse your feet into warm water (39-42℃) for 20 min, and gently wipe with a soft towel so as to prevent any little damage. Toenails should not be too short in case that they damage the nail groove and cause infection. When toenails become dry and brittle, they can be soaked in vegetable oil or compound borax solution. To observe the dorsal foot pulse, skin color and elasticity. Do not wear shoes that are too tight. And to wear shoes with good permeability. Moreover, the foot lesions should be treated as soon as possible.

2. Skin care

Diabetic Nephropathy patients have higher sugar content in skin tissue, which is prone to bacteria breeding. Besides, the deposition of urea can stimulate skin, leading to skin itching, which can affect sleeping quality. If you scratch your skin, it is likely for you to have skin infection. You can use warm water to wash your skin. Keep your skin clean. Do not use soap and ethanol. Change your clothes, trousers and bed sheet regularly. For unmobilizable patients, you had better wipe skin once every other day. Wash and change underwear after sweating. Give perianal and perineum cleaning in time after defecation. Wash your hair once a week. If your skin is dry, you can use skin care oil for protection. Keep the mouth clean and prevent gum and oral cavity mucous membrane inflammation. 3% hydrogen peroxide solution can be used in the morning and evening to scrub the mouth. After having meal, scrub the mouth, which is helpful to remove bad breath, reduce nausea and prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi.

3. Care of edema and bedsore

Because of long-term hypoproteinemia, diabetic nephropathy patients usually have swelling. And vascular disease causes mental malnutrition, leading to skin damage and even bedsore. Therefore, you should suit the remedy to the case. If you have slight swelling, reduce activity. If you have heavy swelling, lie on bed and have a good rest. Raise your lower limb. If you have to do puncture, skin should be strictly sterilized. Intramuscular injection and hypodermic injection should first push away the water and then enter the needle, so that the puncture point is not in the same position of each layer of tissue. After puncture, the skin should be pressed with sterile cotton ball until the liquid is impermeable. To prevent bedsore, you should change position often, keep the bed clean and smooth, and massage pressure parts. For the bedsore patients, infrared irradiation can be used.

How should Diabetic Nephropathy patients prevent infections? Now you get the answer. If you still have any other questions on its treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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