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Bilateral Pedal Edema with Diabetic Nephropathy

2015-02-17 06:31

Bilateral Pedal Edema with Diabetic NephropathyPedal edema is the fluid accumulation in the feet and lower legs. If you are also Diabetic Nephropathy and have bilateral pedal edema, do not worry, you can get help from this article. Here is a general guidance, so you can email to us at or consult our doctors online directly.

Cause of edema in Diabetic Nephropathy

Kidney disease or kidney damage that occurs in people with diabetes is called Diabetic Nephropathy. This condition is a complication of diabetes. Causes of bilateral pedal edema may be:

-Due to immune damage of patient’s body, permeability of the whole body’s capillary wall will increase and the fluid in plasma permeates into tissues, resulting in edema.

-Protein leakage due to damaged glomeruli.

-Hypoproteinemia because of protein leakage can cause decrease of effective blood volume. It will secrete more secondary aldosterone and anti-diuretic hormone and renal tubule will reabsorb more water and sodium, which will cause edema.

Treatment for bilateral pedal edema in Diabetic Nephropathy

To treat this condition, you should find methods that can solve the underlying problems. That is, medicines or therapies can repair the damaged renal tissues and enhance kidney function. Over-the-counter medicines cannot help you achieve that goal, but you are recommended to try TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). After almost 30 years of clinic practices, we have find the most effective Chinese herbs, including:

● Maikang Composition: As an oral medicine, it is the first step to improve blood circulation.

● A dose of Chinese herbal decoction: It also has the function of promoting Qi and unlock blood pathways.

● A pot of medical fluid for foot bath: There are many meridians on feet, so we choose medicines that can stimulate these acupoints so as to speed up blood circulation.

● A pair of medical bags used on Shenshu area. With osmotic device, the effective ingredients can permeate into kidney lesions directly. They are also to improve kidney function by promoting blood circulation.

As long as blood circulation is fluent, the kidneys can get enough blood volume and oxygen to repair themselves effectively. Thus, extra fluid can be removed and pedal edema can be relieved.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
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