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Are Persimmons Good for Diabetic

2014-11-11 02:53

Are Persimmons Good for DiabeticPersimmon is a sweet fruit with rich content of sucrose and glucose. Therefore, many people may think that persimmons are not good for diabetics. Is that true? Read on this this article, you will get the answer.

Effects of persimmon for diabetics

Indeed, diabetics should be cautious about the dosage of persimmon, since they will make the blood sugar level elevate. Despite the need to limit the consumption of persimmons, small quantity is able to to bring great benefits to the body. It has big range of useful substances and fiber and contains a large number of necessary trace elements for human body like for example magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and B vitamins PP, A and C that are able to give strength weakened body.


Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease. Once the kidneys are damaged, they cannot maintain the balance of electrolyte, leading to abnormal level of potassium and phosphorous level. Since persimmon contain much potassium, they might not be good for diabetics with kidney damage.

You can consult your doctor to check your potassium level in the blood, so that you can make a good choice for your diet.

A diabetes meal plan

Healthy eating includes eating a wide variety of foods including:


-Whole grains


-Non-fat dairy products


-Lean meats



If diabetics also have kidney damaged, they have to follow some restriction in diet, including low-sodium, low-protein and low potassium and phosphorous.

To sum up

There is no certain food that can treat your disease, they can simply help you prevent some symptoms. What’s more, everything has two size, so each food has both health benefits and harmful effects. Moderate amount is the key of taking certain food.

In addition, medication or some natural therapies are needed if you want to manage your illness condition. Consult our doctors online, and they are always glad to help you with free of charge.

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