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A Healthy Diet for Diabetics with Kidney Problem

2014-04-12 06:57

A Healthy Diet for Diabetics with Kidney ProblemWith extra sugar in the blood, diabetes may attack various organs. Among them, kidneys are involved easily in diabetes. To help treat diabetics with kidney problem, a healthy diet is very important. Today, follow kidney experts from Kidney Symptoms and Treatment Web to arrange a healthy diet plan.

General dietary suggestions

Firstly, diabetes requires patients to develop a low-sugar or even sugar-free diet. Therefore, food contains rich sugar should be avoided, including, sweet, sugar, ice cream, cake, etc. Then, if kidneys are involved, the basic dietary requirement is at least not increasing the burden on kidneys. Therefore, foods with high salt, low-quality protein, high fat, high phosphorus and high potassium should be avoided.

Specific dietary requirements

So many diabetics with kidney problem have consulted online what foods to eat and avoid. Since people’s eating habit changes from country to country, we only can list several foods commonly seen in our daily life that can help deal with diabetic kidney problem.

1. Bitter gourd: It is proven that bitter gourd contains balsam pear saponin that has the effect of lowering high blood sugar. Furthermore, it also has the benefits of stimulating the release of insulin and increasing kidney output. Therefore, eating bitter gourd regularly can not only control diabetes but also help remove waste products.

2. Celery: For diabetics with kidney disease, high blood pressure is one biggest concern, because hypertension can increase the risk of kidney failure or heart failure. Celery is good to help manage diabetes and high blood pressure.

3. Chinese yam: On one hand, this food can prevent the rapid rise of blood sugar after meals. On the other hand, it is able to inhibit the excessive secretion of insulin. Both of these benefits can help manage blood sugar.

Of course, many other foods can also help treat diabetics with kidney problem. Therefore, if you have this problem, you had better pay highly attention to your condition. To get more personalized advices, welcome to leave a message below or consult the doctor online directly.

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