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Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

2014-04-04 08:19

Treatment Options for Stage 4 Chronic Kidney DiseaseIn Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease, kidneys are only functioning between 15% to 29%. If uncontrolled effectively, it may progress to stage 5 CKD or kidney failure easily. Here, we have several treatment options for patients with Stage 4 CKD. Find out which one is suitable for you.

1. Food therapy

No matter which medical treatment you are taking, food therapy is one essential part in the whole treatment. Low protein, salt, potassium and phosphorus is the basic dietary requirements. To learn a individual diet plan, you should let the doctor know more about your illness condition.

2. Oral western medications

These medications are commonly taken to control patients’ symptoms and complications, so as to slow the progress of stage 4 kidney disease. For example, AECi and ARBs can help reduce high blood pressure, EPO and iron supplement can help ease anemia, and phosphorus binders is able to regulate phosphorus and calcium levels in the blood. (Consult the online doctor to see what medications are good for you.)

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine

At present, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one important part of modern medicine. So far, these medicines along with some auxiliary treatments have been used for several thousands of years to treat kidney disease. However, conventional Chinese medicines are oral taking that taste very bitter, so many patients refuse it.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is one innovation of TCM that has overcome the biggest disadvantage of TCM. After prescribed medicines are shattered fully, they are put into two osmotic devices and used externally. During the whole treatment, patients only need to lie in the bed. With the effects of increasing the blood flow into kidneys and prompting the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells, a part of kidney cells can recover to work. Then, stage 4 chronic kidney disease can be managed.

The above are several treatment options for patients with stage 4 kidney disease. Different patients need different treatment plans. Send you latest medical test to or leave your illness description in the form below. Therefore, doctors here will give you some suggestions about food therapy and medical treatment timely.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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