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Does Stage 4 CKD Cause Low Immunity

2014-07-13 07:33

Does Stage 4 CKD Cause Low ImmunityChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a progressive and is divided into 5 stages in clinic according to the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). In the advanced stages, many symptoms or complications will occur. Does stage 4 CKD cause low immunity? Yes, absolutely.

Why does stage 4 CKD cause low immunity?

Chronic Kidney Disease is caused by various factors for a long term. Intrinsic kidney cells are damaged, and normal kidney function declines. As a result, the kidney fails to filter wastes and toxins produced after the metabolism of the body. Those useless substances accumulate in the body and are carried to the other parts of the body, leading to some symptoms like swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, high blood pressure or infection. Low immunity is also one of those complications, because the kidney disease has disordered the immune system.

What will happen for stage 4 CKD patients with low immunity?

For stage 4 CKD patients with immunity, they are easy to have infections such as upper respiratory infection and gastrointestinal tract infection. Those infections will in turn cause further damage of the kidneys.

In addition, people with low immunity always feel fatigue even they do mild work.

How to enhance immunity for stage 4 CKD patients?

- Design a reasonable diet plan

Keep low salt and protein intake in your diet. Meanwhile, they should also supply with some essential calories and vitamins to provide energies.

- Exercise

There is no doubt that exercise will enhance your physical healthy, but you should exercise moderately. If you hae some severe symptoms like swelling and proteinuria, you should pay highly attention about the frequency and duration of the exercise.

Even though diet and exercise are good for improving immunity, you cannot only depend on them. As long as your kidney disease are well treated, you can improve immunity fundamentally and effectively.

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