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Can Kidney Disease Cause Mouth Sores

2014-08-26 06:28

Can Kidney Disease Cause Mouth SoresChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) can affect many organs and systems, since kidney is special cleaner of the body. Mouth sores are very common problem even among healthy patients, so it is easy to be ignored by kidney disease patients. Today, I will tell you about the relationship between kidney disease and mouth sores so that you can take proper treatment to get rid of it without harming your kidneys.

Can kidney disease cause mouth sores?

Yes, absolutely. When the kidneys are damaged, they cannot filter wastes and toxins as effectively as before. As a result, those harmful substances will accumulate in any parts of the body, causing various problems. Some common effects on mouth include bad breath, dry mouth, metallic taste, insidious bleeding from the mouth. In addition to insidious bleeding in the mouth, the mouth tissues often appear pale because of anemia.

When left untreated, these problems can cause infections, which can lead to overall health issues.

How to treat mouth sores caused by kidney disease?

1. Daily care

If your kidneys are not function well, follow your dentist’s recommendations regarding brushing, flossing, exams twice a year and professional teeth cleaning. Keep your teeth and gums healthy.

2. Improve kidney function

Since deposition of wastes and toxins is the culprit, you should take measures to accelerate the discharge of those substances. Generally, the doctor would like to prescribe patients some antibiotics. Antibiotic indeed can help you with relieving the discomfort. It cannot solve the underlying problem. Therefore, I recommend you take Chinese herbs or therapies that base on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), because they cause few side effects can treat kidney disease from the root.

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