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What Causes Colorless Urine

2014-06-22 01:56

What Causes Colorless UrineThe normal color of the urine varies from pale yellow to straw-yellow. If there is something wrong with your body, urine may be present dark yellow, orange, pink, red, green, blue, brown and even black. Sometimes you may notice the urine is colorless. What are the causes of colorless urine?

● Cause

1. Too much liquid or caffeine

If your urine is clear or very pale, you may be drinking a lot of liquids or drinking fluids with a high content of diuretics such as caffeine.

2. Diuretics

Medications, containing diuretics, may make your urine colorless, because they force the body to get rid of extra water.

3. Kidney disease

Colorless urine can be an indicator of kidney disease, if you do not drink a lot of water. Normally, blood flows into the kidney through renal artery and then filtered by kidneys. During this process, wastes like creatinine and urobilins are discharged with excess fluids, so our urine appears yellow color. However, when kidney function is affected, these wastes will be failed to be excreted, which can lead to colorless urine directly.

4. Diabetes insipidus

In diabetes insipidus the body does not produce enough antidiuretic hormone, which is also called vasopressin, or does not respond to the hormone properly. Vasopressin stimulates the kidneys to send water back into the tissues and bloodstream so that it will not be excreted in the urine. Without the hormone, too much urine is produced, and the person is constantly thirsty. Diabetes insipidus is sometimes called “water diabetes.”

● What to do

You may want to cut down on your fluid and caffeine intake. But if your clear urine is not due to too much fluid intake or medication, you need to take further tests to find out if you have a kidney problem. Our online experts will be very glad to give you some suggestions to treat this condition.

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