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Why Kidney Disease Patients Have Loose Motions

2014-06-20 02:57

Why Kidney Disease Patients Have Loose MotionsLoose motions, also called diarrhea, can be caused by many factors such as food poison or cold. Sometimes, kidney disease may also cause loose motions, but you’d better talk with your doctors and check your kidney function to confirm that. This article is to explain you why kidney disease causes diarrhea and how to deal with this condition.

How does kidney disease cause loose motions?

Loose motions are one gastrointestinal tract problem, which is caused by an infection, and are also a symptom of a bowel infection when the stomach and the intestines become inflamed. As for kidney disease patients, their kidney function has lost to some degree, leading to many wastes and toxins depositions such as creatinine, blood urea nitrogen (BUN) or uric acids. These substances are carried into other parts of the body through blood, causing inflammation or obstruction of some organs. When the gastrointestinal tract is damaged, virus and bacteria will easily invade into it and cause many symptoms. At this time, kidney disease patients may experience poor appetite, nauseas, vomiting or diarrhea (loose motions).

How to deal with loose motions?

- Design a reasonable diet plan: In general, kidney disease patients are required to limit the intake of salt, protein, potassium and phosphorus if lab tests show they have high levels of potassium and phosphorus. Besides, they are recommended to ingest some high-quality protein to meet the physical demand. High-quality protein can offer the necessary nutrition to our body and meanwhile produce less wastes during metabolism.

- Stay away from spicy and greasy foods and add more fresh fruits and vegetables.

- Drinking water is also necessary as diarrhea is always accompanied dehydration.

- Take a good rest.

- Avoid infection and cold

- Be cautious about the over-the-counter medications because they may stimulate the gastrointestinal tract.

All these above treatments can just relive diarrhea but cannot solve the problem. Because for kidney disease patients who have loose motions, the root cause is damaged kidneys, improving kidney function should put in the first place in the treatment. You can talk with our experts online.

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