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Is A Vegetarian Diet Beneficial for CKD Stage 4 Patients

2014-05-13 01:04

Is A Vegetarian Diet Beneficial for CKD Stage 4 PatientsA vegetarian is a person who follows a specific diet and has specific food choices which include plant foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and so on. And vegetarians do not consume meat. A vegetarian diet has been becoming a healthy way of life, but is it still good for stage 4 chronic kidney disease patients?

Stage 4 CKD (chronic kidney disease) is a severe stage of kidney disease with GFR (glomerular filtration rate) falling at 15~30ml/min. Patients have their kidney function severely declined, which can cause numerous symptoms. Patients at this stage, on the one hand, they should accept medical treatments, on the other hand, they need to design a specific diet plan. Whether a vegetarian diet is good for Stage 4 CKD patients or not? Here I will give you a detailed analysis about a vegetarian diet.

If you are in the stage 4 chronic kidney disease, you can still develop a vegetarian diet, while in order to combine your vegetarian lifestyle with a renal diet, you will need to devise a meal plan to fit your nutritional needs. You should talk with a renal dietitian about kidney-friendly diet that are vegetarian-specific, or you can contact our online experts directly.

For Stage 4 CKD patients, they not only limit intake of protein, but also the type of protein may be limited. A vegetarian diet gets protein from plant sources, which can be digested with less protein waste buildup, and it also works to maintain the levels of sodium, potassium and phosphorus. For example, bean is a kind of ideal high-quality plant protein food, which has such various functions as lowering blood fat and cholesterol level, anti-aging and preventing heart disease and cancer. However, sodium, potassium and phosphorous content of some vegetarian foods can be high. To reduce sodium intake, you should keep away from high sodium foods, such as salted nuts, frozen entrees, savory snacks and so on. As some fruits and vegetables are primary source of potassium, they may be limited for vegetarians with chronic kidney disease. Bananas, peaches, legumes, sea weed and nori may be restricted due to their high amounts of potassium.

Generally speaking, a specific vegetarian diet is beneficial for Stage 4 CKD. Except that, medical treatments are also important to manage kidney disease.

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