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How Much Protein Should A Person with a GFR 25 Consume Per Day

2016-01-05 06:32

How Much Protein Should A Person with a GFR 25 Consume Per DayA person with GFR 25 definitely has developed into Stage 4 CKD , which means kidney has been damaged severely. Aside from medical therapies, the stage also requires patients to pay highly attention to their daily diet. Patients are told to have a low-protein diet, but few people know how much protein should they consume per day with the condition. Now, let’s discuss!

Why patients should have a low-protein diet?

It is well known that proteins are nutrition sources for human body. However, too much proteins are also harmful for patients with kidney damage, especially severe kidney damage. Because this will produce more nitrogenous wastes, thus increasing kidneys’ burden and speeding up deterioration of kidney disease. Therefore, it is important to have a low-protein diet if you GFR is at 25.

Well then, how much protein should patients consume daily with GFR 25?

As is suggested by The Kidney Disease Outcome Quality Initiative (K/DOQI) Nutrition Guidelines, an intake of protein 0.6g per kilogram per day is beneficial when your glomerular filtration rate falls below 25, or approximately 25 remaining renal functions. But there is one important point that you should know--remember that at least half of the proteins should come from high-quality sources, such as egg white, lean meat, fish, etc.

Other dietary tips:

Aside from protein restrictions, there are also other limitations that can help you protect residual renal function. For example, a person with Stage 4 Kidney Failure should avoid the intake of processed or refined foods and prepare meals with less sodium or sodium ingredients. Most diets start with a goal of 1,500-2,000mg per day. Patients also need to restrict the intake of potassium if laboratory results are above normal range. Patients also need to limit intake of liquids if they retains too much fluid.

After all, illness conditions are different from person to person, so to get an individualized dietary plan, you can attach your test reports to or leave a message directly!

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