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Alternative Treatment for Bilateral Renal Cortical Disease

2014-11-10 07:56

necrosisBilateral renal cortical disease is a rare form of cortical necrosis characterized by calcification. Here is a list of alternative treatment for this kidney disease.

Get facts on bilateral renal cortical disease

This kidney disease can occur at any age. About 10% of infants and children unfortunately develop this disease. This condition only attack the outside region of the kidneys (cortex) but not the inside region (renal medulla).

Alternative treatments for bilateral renal cortical disease

♦ Chinese oral medicine

Here I mean “Maikang composition”. It has the function of unlocking pathways of Qi (energy flow) so that more oxygen and blood can be supplied to the kidneys, improving ischemia and anoxia.

Hot Compress Therapy

This therapy is applied by putting the medical bags on Shenshu area so that it can directly work on the kidney lesion. This therapy has obvious short-term effects on relieving proteinuria and regulate blood pressure.

Foot Bath

It is not a simple warm foot bath, but has combing foot bath with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are many meridians distributing on the feet. These acupoints are connected with many organs, including the kidney. The warm water and ingredients of Chinese medicines can stimulate these acupoints so that blood circulation can be improved, increasing blood volume passing through the kidneys. This can help kidneys repair the damaged tissues.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The mechanism of this therapy is similar to Hot Compress Therapy. But it must be taken with osmotic device. The active properties in the medical fluid can permeate into kidneys directly and deeply. It is also used for purifying blood and improve kidney function.

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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