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How to treat the pregnant women with CKD

2014-11-02 02:04

How to treat the pregnant women with CKDAn increasing number of pregnancies occur in the presence of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), mainly including chronic glomerulonephritis (GN), diabetic nephropathy (DN), and lupus nephritis (LN). How to treat the pregnant women with CKD?

How does CKD affect pregnancy?

How will Chronic Kidney Disease affect pregnancy is determined by the severity of kidney function.

Most CKD patients with mild renal function impairment (Stage 2 CKD), and well-controlled blood pressure, pregnancy is usually successful and does not affect the mother. Conversely, pregnancy will threaghten those women with moderate or severe renal function impairment (Stage 3 and Stage 4 CKD). Women with only 30% to 40% kidney function and creatinine over 2.5mg/dl will develop into End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) within one or two years.

Treatment for pregnant women with CKD

Without doubt, a good hospital or a doctor is very important for you. During the pregnancy, you should be closely monitored. Here are some suggestions that they can follow:

● Control blood pressure level. The goal of blood pressure is 110-129/65-79mmHg. However, Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEI) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB) should be withdrawn, if possible. Keep low sodium diet is helpful. For natural medicines, you can email to

● Reduce proteinuria

Immunosuppressants are often required for a number of women with Chronic Kidney Disease. Corticosteroids and azathioprine can be used safely during pregnancy, because they are not associated with major developmental abnormalities.

● Talk with your doctor

You should talk with you doctor to choose a right time and way of giving a birth. This is determined by your renal function, physical health of you and your baby, blood pressure, protein leakage amount, gestational weeks, etc.

● Take enough rest

During the pregnancy, women should keep enough rest and sleep. A good mood is also important.

● Maintain a kidney disease diet

Low-sodium and low-protein are the basic requirement for CKD patients. At the same time, pregnant patients should take enough high-quality protein and vitamins intake.

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