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List of Precautions for CKD

2014-06-23 00:38

List of Precautions for CKDChronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a very common renal problem. If left untreated or wrongly treated, it is possible to progress into kidney failure. At that time, no medicines or therapies can reverse it. Therefore, precautions for CKD are so important that everyone should have a general knowledge about that, and you can get benefits from this article. It is a list of precautions for CKD patients.

1. Balance your diet

Pay attention to the intake of protein and salt. Large amounts of protein intake, either from animals or plants, will burden the kidneys. The most by-products of protein metabolism of protein are uric acids and blood urea nitrogen (BUN), both of which are filtered by kidneys as wastes. Therefore, taking foods containing rich proteins frequently will burden the kidneys and increase the risk of Chronic Kidney Disease.

2. Drink moderate water

Drinking more water will help the kidneys to discharge wastes and toxins adequately. What’s more, do not hold back urine if you have an urge to ruinate. If the urine is kept in the bladder for a long time, it will provide an environment for bacteria to generate. When bacteria infect the bladder, the kidneys may be affected, either. Drinking more water daily can increase urinary output in case of kidney stones or infections.

3. Design an exercise plan

Doing exercise each day can enhance your immune ability so as to resist disease. What’s more, you’d better keep away from smoking and alcohol.

4. Be cautious about your medicines

Avoid drug abuse, because many medicines metabolize in the kidneys, and the waste production may in turn cause damage to the kidneys.

5. Take regular test

A routine urine test to check your kidney function is very necessary. Besides, since some kidney diseases are inherited, you should know your family history of disease.

6. Control blood sugar level and blood pressure level

Diabetes and hypertension are the two known factors that may cause renal damage. Anyone who has the two diseases should take measures to make their blood sugar and blood pressure level within the normal range.

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