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Is It Recoverable After Kidney Damages 50%

2017-08-23 03:28

 Is It Recoverable After Kidney Damages 50%When kidney is slightly damaged, you can repair it completely and restore your health. For example, nephritis patients. But is it recoverable after kidney damages 50%? If you want to restore some function, this article will enlighten you.

In Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, as long as your kidney damage is less than 50%, it is possible for you to reverse the disease. When kidney damage is more than 50% or even 75%, it is irreversible, but we can stabilize the disease and promote your living quality.

Treatment to recover kidney damage in our hospital

With declined function, the kidneys can not filter waste products from body. Those wastes build up in body, which can not only cause damage to kidneys, but also counteract the medications to halt you from recovery. Therefore, if you want o get well, it is necessary for you to improve blood environment.

Here Toxin-Removing Treatment is recommended. This is a combined method, which includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Enema Therapy, Foot Bath, Cycle Therapy, Navel Therapy, oral Chinese medicine, etc. It can expel waste products and excess fluid out of body to make internal environment good for kidney self-healing and other medication application. It can also expand blood vessels and remove stasis to improve blood circulation and increase blood flow into damaged kidneys to improve renal ischemia and anoxia. Besides, it can provide the damaged kidneys with enough essential elements to speed up kidney recovery. After about one week’s treatment, floccules will appear in urine, which are wastes being passed out. After about half month’s treatment, symptoms such as swelling, proteinuria, high blood pressure, anemia, weakness and so on will get relieved. After about one month’s treatment, your kidney function will increase gradually.

Is it recoverable after kidney damages 50%? Yes, it is. And the earlier you start treatment, the more kidney function you can restore. If you can not find out such a treatment in the local, welcome to our hospital. For more information on kidney failure treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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